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At TechBytes, our goal is to create a platform for young minds to discuss, debate and experiment about Science and Technology! We envision creating an ecosystem where youths understand the impact of technology is in every sector. Once that realization comes, we believe more and more youths will be willing to participate in the technology revolution happening around us in every field!


Our goal is to work with youths to guide them to present their STEM/STEAM ideas as a presentation with more visuals in our events/workshops.


We provide STEM/STEAM related challenges/games to play and we encourage participants to work as a team and a leader from the team does the presentation by working with the team together.

Product Creation

We work with youths who have created or have interest in creating STEM/STEAM related products/projects and we let the youths drive our workshops.


List of all Tech Bytes workshops

List of all tech presentations/science projects presented in TechBytes event 2019


We are a bunch of professionals who focus on creating a platform which infuses innovative thought process among young minds through debates, discussion and experiments! Our motive is not for profit and below is a snippet of what we are so far and what's ahead.

  • Science & Tech Event

    Our Humble Beginning

    Our Tech Bytes Science and Technology meetup held in Surrey, BC was well received with 100+ audience. 2 youths compered for this event, 9 youths presented their Tech ideas, 1 youth demonstrated a Science project and 3 youths did Tech workshops. Variety of Science & Technology topics were discussed.


    Visual Story Telling

    Our Tech Bytes Summer Visual Story Telling Workshops were held in different libraries across Greater Vancouver. We did workshops for different age groups spanning across 9-18. We had overwhelming response for all our summer workshops and all of them reached maximum capacity.


    Topics Discussed

    Our Infographics workshops for students of age group 9-12 was held in Surrey City Centre Library. Our Image Editing & 2D Animation workshops for students of age group 11-14 in Coquitlam City Centre Library. Our 3D Printing & Virtual Reality for students of age group 13-18 was held in Richmond Brighouse Library.



    It was really informative for people who don't know about 3D printing and everyone were really helpful - Grade 8 student! It was really fun to make the VR scene on the computer, and the presenters were very good at explaning what to do - Grade 8 student! I loved it because I learned how to make a 2D animation - Grade 7 student! Very interesting and interactive. Good Tech resources. Good intro for programming - Grade 11 student! It was interesting - Grade 4 student from Infographics workshop! All the mentors and the presenter were really helpful and helped when someone got stuck - Grade 9 student!

  • What's NEXT

    Embedded Story Telling

    Currently we are accepting registration for our Gaming with Embedded Systems workshops where we will go through the basics of Digital Logic, MicroController and Embedded Systems using different enabling platforms like Arduino, MicroBit. Contact us for more information!

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